Samsung Galaxy A7 Review,Specs,Price and More

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Samsung has just given the Galaxy A7 a comprehensive makeover, with a stunning new design and better specifications. The 2017 A7 is quite a massive jump when compared to its predecessor and comes with a feature new to Samsung’s A series line-up – IP68 dust and water resistance.

Samsung Galaxy A7 Design:

Samsung Galaxy A7 is the best looking mid-range smartphones ever released by the company. The Galaxy A7 comes with all metal mid-frame sandwiched between 2 layers of glass 3D curved glass on the back and 2.5 D on the front. It makes the device look sleek. It also makes device slippery and fingerprint magnet, it also makes fragile and it can be easily breakable.

The 3D curved glass at the back not only looks striking, it also helps make the A7 a delight to hold in hand.

Additionally, unlike many smartphones out there, the camera does not protrude out which helps give the smartphone a very uniform and seamless look.

In fact, A7 looks similar to S7 so it can be called Galaxy S7’s doppelganger.

Coming on the sides, the volume buttons are located on the left edge, while single loudspeaker and power button are on right side. The placements of this are also very un-ergonomic. The speaker easily gets blocked while watching videos or playing landscape games.

The fingerprint sensor is embedded into the home button and is a big disappointment.

Samsung Galaxy A7 Display:

The display of A7 is 5.7 inch with excellent contrast, vibrant colors and deep and inky blacks due to AMOLED Panel. It also offers a few display modes through display can be configured to look more realistic.

A7 comes with Samsung trademark Always on Display which can be configured to display time, notification, battery percentage and more. It reduces the battery life little bit.

Samsung Galaxy A7 Hardware:

The Galaxy A7 is a surprisingly well-rounded package from Samsung. It features IP68 dust and water resistance, micro-SD card support, 32GB of internal storage and a substantial 3,600mAh battery. Samsung’s trademark suite of Made for India features – S Bike mode, Ultra data saving and S Power Planning are also thrown in for good measure.

A7 comes with 3GB of RAM. A7 can handle day to day task like web browsing and social media applications. Due to a weak processor and lack of RAM does rear its ugly head when playing heavy load games. Open a ton of tabs in Chrome, have a few games and apps running in the background and the smartphone will slow down. It will give you little trouble in day to day use and while playing games. If you don’t do multitasking at the same time, then you can play intensive games.

Samsung Galaxy A7 Software:

Galaxy A7 runs on Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Nougat is out of the box for now. the Galaxy A7 comes with the full suite of Google apps, Microsoft apps, and Samsung’s own apps. What makes matters even worse is that almost all of these apps cannot be uninstalled, only disabled.

The Galaxy A7 comes with support for a multitude of gestures – some genuinely useful and some gimmicky. In fact, a number of software features onboard is so exhaustive that it can become a little intimidating at first.

Samsung’s multi-window mode and floating window mode are also on board for multi-tasking.

Samsung Galaxy A7 Battery Life:

Galaxy A7 comes with 3600 mAh battery life in comparison of OnePlus 3t which has 3400 mAh battery. The battery life of A7 is quite decent. It will last you through the day.

Samsung Galaxy A7 Cameras:

The Galaxy A7 comes with 16 MP Rear camera and 16 MP front camera. Images produced are crisp and vibrant with natural colors. When it comes to low light, the performances dip quite a bit down. Images produced in good lighting conditions are crisp, vivid and full of detail. Low light performance is also decent, and above average.

Pros and Cons of A7:


Premium Design

Good Battery Life

Android Pay

Water Proof

Expandable storage


Sub-par performance

Hard to use with one hand

Old Android version

Software has lot of bloats

Underpowered interns


If you are okay with the older version, then you can buy this smartphone. The highlight of this phone is the camera and the display, which is still unmatched by other players. The water and dust resistant capabilities are extra positives, something the other phones don’t offer. The competition is tough for the Galaxy A7, especially if you consider OnePlus 3T, which has set the bar in this category, thanks to the premium performance and specifications.

Samsung Galaxy A7 Price:

Galaxy A7 will cost you around Rs.33490/-.

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