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Best website to download PC games 2018

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Games are part of our life as long as we remember. Specially video games, as we played Mario and contra our whole childhood. But when we grow up, our fascination for the game never goes away and we still want to play games in our pc. But those games we need to buy first. Why spends money, when we are sharing best sites to download pc games.

We can download all those games we want to play and install it without any worries. There are so many website who offer free games download, but we need to make sure that everyone is legit as it could also contain viruses. As we are sharing the sites to download for free, you need to make sure its safe as most of the content was uploaded by the visitors and wont get a virus detected as it was zipped. Make sure that game is downloaded more times and have a good review. So here is the list of sites to download PC games for free.

  • Acid-Play

This is one of the safest places to download all the free games on the internet. They have more than 800 games in their database and website was built perfectly to search and rate the downloaded games. Al the games have been scanned first before being uploaded to the internet. If you love to play some of the retro games and still in search for that, you should visit their website and download any of those games.

  • AllGamesAtoZ


This is also another great website to download games. they have separated all the games with top pics, game by genres and even from the window, mac, and Linux. They have some of the most played games like Super Mario, Zelda, Prince of Persia and even classic GTA and GTA2. You can download from hundreds of games which is safe and secure as it is hosted on their website. Just visit their website and look at their collection.

  • Mega Games

This website is not just to download free games but also to discuss. They provide the news of the games which is going to launch or already launched. They mention what the cheat code is and how to play and what to do. You will find the free game download menu for all types of free games to download. They also have the different department for the trainer, to learn more about games, fixes to fix your games, modes and cheats to enhance the gaming experience and more. Just visit their website and learn more about it.

  • Free PC Gamers

As the name suggests, its all about free pc games. They have games for every genre, and you can download it and play it without any worries of virus and malware. They have a category of action, adventure, casual, girl games, first-person shooter, musical, platformer, racing, role-playing games, simulation, sports, strategy, and more. They also review games, so you check their reviews and learn about which game is best to play. Visit their website to learn more about it.

  • Ocean of Games

This is the website which could be your last stop to search all the free games. They have all these new and old games with them to download. One of the reasons you need to keep checking their website is, they give away games which are not yet becoming a freeware. That is why it could be gone before you download it.  But they have one of the best new games which are just releasing the right now. They have games for all types of the category, so you can choose whichever genres you like and just download the games. Visit their website and learn more about it.

  • Skidrow Games

This website is packed with new games. One thing you will notice that they don’t have any other content rather than games and their download link. So, you just need to search for the games and then download it directly or from the torrent. They keep their website updated so you won’t find any broken links in it. They also provide crack, patches, serial number and license codes of previously released games, new updates, DLC download links. You can visit their website and learn more about it.

  • Pc Games download

When you open their website, you will know that you are at the right place. All the new release games are on the home page with their cracked version and license code. You will get the direct download link with many mirror page link so that if one of your downloads failed, you can visit the mirror page and download the game again with ease. You can search the game alphabetically, or you can search from their search console and get your favorite games. Just visit their website to learn more about it.

  • Gamers sky

First of all, this is a Chinese website, and all of the content will be in Chinese, so you need to translate it to your native language or English. But you don’t need to worry about anything else as you will find them straightforward while providing games download link. You will find all the new games and old games to download. They have all kinds of games like a single game, Chinese game, stand-alone mini-game, classic game in the shooting, action/adventure, role play, real-time strategy, racing, sports, simulation games. Visit their website and download any games you want for free.


This website offers all the games which are DRM-free. DRM free means “without digital rights management” which mean all games are legal to download and its free to use. They have 2360 DRM free games and which makes them one of the biggest platform for game download which is actually free and legal. They have all the new and old title with them, so you would enjoy it. Just visit their website to learn more about it.

These websites are one of the best websites to download PC games, and most of them are free. We hope this article helps you find the games you are looking for, if you have any more question, do let us know in the comment.

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