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Kodi is an open source media player platform which let you stream movies and tv shows. Its become of the most favorite service all around the world and people are using it more than ever. You can addon apps to it to stream and watch and also use it to stream music.

There are hundreds of the addon in Kodi to use, but as we know that all add-ons are not legal and some of them have to close down as company file the lawsuit gets them. But we have a list of best Kodi Addons for 2018 which you can download and use without any worries.

Here is the list of best Kodi Addons

  • SkyNet

This addon came to the limelight when most of the old addons were disappear. It offers old and new tv series and movie and they also offer a sports section so that you can watch your favorite sports too. It supports HD and 4K so if you have a big screen tv, you would to watch it with 4K resolution. you can also watch live tv and listen to the music with this Kodi addon.

  • BoonDock

This one is rather new but it has all the feature you are looking for. Like they have tons of movies and tv show to look for and many more contents to watch. They have good UI which is easy to navigate and work with and they have also Netflix original show which is hard to find anywhere else. With this addon, you will get new movies and video every day.

  • Genesis Reborn

This addon was deleted from the list but now its back from another developer. It has lots of new movies and Tv series that you can binge watch all day. You can watch what is trending or you can watch from the IMDB list. Even if you don’t have a high-speed internet connection, this addon offer many streaming links so you won’t get disappointed.

  • Nemesis

Its one of the old one but with the new update, its back in the game and you can download it and you can watch movies, Tv shows, cartoon, documentaries and even adult content. They always updating so you would find new content. They have maintained function where you can delete all your junk file and you have enter pin every 4 hours as they raise the bar of security. This addon will let you explore new movie and you won’t get tired of this.

  • cCloud TV

it’s for the Tv series and you can watch most of the international tv series from 20 categories. It has clear navigation and easy to find functions. You can enjoy all the tv shows you want to watch and they are all updated. They also have top 10 from where you can watch the most trending Tv series and you can enjoy the show uninterrupted.

  • Rising Tides

When you talk about TV, then we cannot miss the sports section. People who miss games or want to watch a live game, this is the best addon you can find. You can watch all types of the sport from their 30 categories and you can even watch live sport, you just need to activate the link a few minutes earlier than the live game. You can watch replays and PPV content from any country. This is far better than any addon and you won’t need any another for the sport when you download this addon.


If you love watching the trailer, that this the addon for you. you can watch all the new and all trailer in HD with this addon.  You can watch this trailer from,, YouTube and many more. You can watch latest, old or in archives. You can watch movies that coming this week, months or upcoming from this addon.

  • Gurzil

You can watch movies and tv series from this addon. What it do actually is they pull the movies from other pirated movie sites and bring it to you. so you can get the best and new tv series and movie all at one place and with that many choices, you will get one of the best quality movies for you.

  • Gaia

This one rather new addon in Kodi but it still has all the new movies and tv shows. It’s a paid service, however, you can watch free content too because its connected with lots of torrent site and you can directly stream from there. As its new, they have made sure to put everything in it make it work smoothly.

There are thousands of Kodi addons but not all of them are working, this is why this list of best Kodi addons contain all the working addon. We hope this article helps you with Kodi addon and if you have any question, do let us know.


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