10 best Chromecast apps you can download today

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Chromecast devices are not just become a part of our life but also become necessary. As now we can simply use Chromecast and watch everything on the TV which we used on watch on our mobile. But that’s not all it does. You can install app and use it on the tv and many more. Here in this article, we are going to discuss on 10 best Chromecast app.

Chromecast has simply revolutionized the TV which was boring and dull before. We can do lots of stuff on our mobile which we wish to do on a big screen like watching movies or playing games with our friends. Chromecast is simple enhance that experience and make it bigger to fit your TV. But without the app which we are describing below, you want get to experience the Real Chromecast.

Top 10 best Chromecast App to download

  1. GoToMeeting

We had to make it to the top as its more useful for our daily life than just watching movies and else. This app will let you arrange a video conference with anywhere in the world. Its easy and simple to do that by sitting at your home. You can stream those conference directly to the big screen without any trouble. This app is available on google app store and you can download it from here.

  1. Netflix

Netflix is not only ruling the mobile phone entertainment market but also the Chromecast store as well. Its one of the most downloaded app ever in the Chromecast. One of the reason would be to enjoy it on the big screen. Most people prefer to watch it on the TV but with Netflix, it’s not possible and that is why people buys the Chromecast device just to enjoy their favorite TV shows and movies on the big screen. However, app is free but Netflix will charge you monthly. You can check on their website about charges and download the app here.

  1. Digital Concert Hall

For those who love live performance of a concert, this app is only for them. This app will take you live to the concert of Berliner Philharmoniker’s Digital Concert Hall. In which you can enjoy total of 40 concert every year and tons of concert in archives from the past. Its truly an amazing experience as you would feel that you are siting right there in the audience. You can download this app here.

  1. Google Play Movies & TV

We have to mention the google if we talk about Chromecast, because they make sure to offer app which is most compatible and great to watch. But now when you have service like Netflix and amazon which let you watch movies and TV show online for a whole month, why would you go to the google play movies and TV?

Because that is where you will find the latest of all. They would have all the new titles and TV shows which is just released. Also, all the online streamer has limitation to offer movies as they are not joined with that company. But in google, you will find everything. One of the reason google movies is great, because you don’t need to pay in advance for a month, when you want to watch the movies, you can rent it in cheap or buy it at your convenient.

  1. YouTube

When we say Chromecast is best to watch videos online, only thing came to our mind is YouTube. YouTube is the biggest video content website in the world and we are addicted to watch in YouTube all the time. So why not on the big screen? Now you can simply watch every single video on the big screen with higher quality, you can watch it at 1080p in mobile but there is nothing like a big screen experience. That is why6 every one prefers to watch it on YouTube and that is why its also one of the most downloaded app for Chromecast.

  1. Chrome

We know that you have bought the Chromecast just to enjoy on the big screen and that is why we have included the Chrome browser. We have been through a lot of time when we try to show something cool to other but showing them on laptop or mobile is not good enough. That is why chrome is important part of the top 10 best Chromecast app. You can browse internet from it and you can do everything which you have been doing in your PC or mobile. But now you can look up and relax your neck and eyes too.

  1. Spotify

Who don’t love listening to movies, but who have time to connect PC or do any other stuff to their stereo. With Chromecast and this app, you can live stream all the songs you want. You can play the party songs when you have party at home. You can connect it with TV and listen to the songs from it or connect with you stereo. Spotify is one of the largest music streaming platform and it’s the first choice of anyone who love to listen to the songs. It may be on the 7th place here but it’s always the second or third app people download when they set up their Chromecast. Download it from here.

  1. AllCast

When we say you can watch everything from your mobile to TV, we were not wrong. But when it came to mirroring the mobile screen, you need allcast. You can watch videos from YouTube or stream it from the app, but what about videos and movies in your phone? This the answer to that. You can simply mirror your phone screen and play it on your phone to show it on your TV. From pictures to your personal video to share with your friends and you don’t want to hand over your mobile anymore. You can download Allcast and enjoy it.

  1. Twitch

If you don’t familiar with this app or website, then you need to download it now, if you do we don’t need to say anything as you must have download it already. Twitch is ultimate gamers paradise. They stream video of one of the best gamer in the world playing games. Now you might be thinking, what is fun to watch someone play, but then again you need to watch some of the video first to understand it. Twitch is seriously addictive and enjoyable. You can even try their Dark mode quality for late-night viewing. You can download here.

  1. Angry Birds Friends

It’s a dream to play games on a big screen and we all want to play multiplayer games with our friends, then why not angry birds? Angry birds are one of the most loved and downloaded game ever on the internet and the level of competition and fun you can have is unlimited. That is why most people download this app as it’s the best way to use a big screen and enjoy it with your friends.

We hope you like all the app as we choose them carefully, they are the top 10 best Chromecast app you can download. If you have any problems or suggestion, do let us know in the comments.


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