6 Windows Programs for Android: Sync and Notification

Even if you some of the best phones on the market, there are few things you prefer to do on PC. Like writing something long or doing your office work. But while you do that, you need to keep looking at your phone as you heard the ring of notification. What if its possible to sync your mobile to your PC? Here we are mentioning top 5 best window program for android.

It’s obvious that you would miss your PC while on the phone and your phone when you work on the PC. If you can make both work on the windows than it would be a really great help. Also If you can use some of the best window software on Android than you can work effortlessly. This post contains top 5 software that can work both on Android and PC. We are not covering Mac and iOS as you know they both have the same manufacturer and they are already in the sync. If you ask someone who has worked with Mac and iOS, you would know how easy it is and helpful also.

  • Sync browser data

You must have felt this need of syncing your browser data to your phone. As you always need to log in every single time on your phone and you can avoid that in PC. There are many more features like bookmark, history and etc. which you can use on the phone as well. So here is how to sync Firefox, chrome, and edge to your phone.

How to sync chrome to your android phone?

chrome sync
chrome sync

First of all, you need to login to your chrome browser. You can use your Gmail ID and password and sign it on it. then you need to go to setting and, in the person, and on the sync. Then you need to go your android phone and open chrome browser.

Once you enter to your chrome browser in the phone, hit the three-vertical dot and go to the setting. You will find the first option is to sync. You need to login in order to sync your data. If you are using the same Gmail on the android it will automatically log you in and now your window chrome and android chrome both are in sync.

How to sync Firefox to your android phone?

firefox sync
firefox sync

You need to go to your Firefox browser and go to the option and then log in to the Firefox browser. If you don’t have a Firefox account, then you can sign up for the Firefox and then log in to it. then you can choose what you would like to sync.

After that, go to your mobile and download the Firefox browser if you don’t have it. then you can go to the setting and simply log in with your Firefox ID and password and it will be sync.

How to Sync Microsoft Edge to your Android Phone?

If you are using the new browser for Microsoft which is Microsoft edge and you are using it as your default browser then you can sync your data to your android phone as well. All you need to do is go your edge browser and log in with your Microsoft ID. If you don’t have one then you need to sign up for one.

Then you can go the setting of your Microsoft Edge browser and add your phone. You will find an option called “add phone” fill in your number and you will receive the edge browser link in a Text message on your phone. Now you can download it and then login with same Microsoft ID and your data will be saved.

  • Text from your PC


Even if you have the latest phone and great typing options, you probably opt for the good old keyboard. So what would you do when you want to send a text from your PC to your android phone? You can download MightyText which let you send text from your PC.

You can send and 150 texts per month but if you want more than that, you can upgrade it by paying 80$ per year. There is also another one which acts as same but much more cheaper. You can download pulse which let you do the same and you can send 100 texts from pc to phone and vice-versa per month. You can go for the 11$ per lifetime option and go crazy with texting.

  • Sync Notifications and Share Files

You must have a need for this as you have lots of data that need to be transferred to the PC and you don’t want to use USB cable or SD card reader now and then. You can also get your notification of phone right on the desktop. For that, you need to download Pushbullet.

Pushbullet will help you share files and you can get notification of your Android app right from the desktop. You just need to go to the pushbullet website and sing in. then you can download any type of extension you are looking for and start sending the file and get a notification.

In the free plan, you can send up to 25MB of file size per month and get 2GB of storage as well. You can also send a text which is capped at 100 SMS per month.

  • File access


You can send and receive a file from push bullets but what about sending a large number of the file as it’s not a cloud storage. You can choose from Dropbox, one drive or google drive which is one of the best cloud storage right now in the market.

You can upload your file on any of the cloud storage and then download their app in the mobile and access the file from right there. As you know with the cloud storage and on the phone, you can share any import file on the go. Google drive offers the most 15GB storage but one drive would be the best choice for as its windows own cloud storage. With paid version of windows, you can get 1TB of data storage from one drive as well. All of the cloud storage support auto photo backup and that is why you can’t lose any of your pictures and access those picture from your PC as well.

  • Cortana

cortana for android
cortana for android

Cortana is from Microsoft and you can get notification from it. you just need to have a Microsoft ID and you are good to go. You need to download official Cortana app on your Android Phone and then it will show all the notification right on the desktop. You can even take a call from your PC with Cortana. download Cortana fro Android and set it up.

  • Microsoft office

cortana for android
cortana for android

There are tons of option in android to write and save it on the phone but no one can beat Microsoft office. You can download the word, excel or powerpoint and edit it on the phone as well. It’s same as we use on the window and comes with all types of the feature as well.

  • WhatsApp

It’s rather a different from all the other app as it can help you only with WhatsApp. WhatsApp is one of the most used apps on the phone and if you love to chat than there is no better way than to use it. you can simply go to WhatsApp web and you need to open your WhatsApp and you will find an option which is WhatsApp web. Just capture the QR image from PC to phone and it will be live. Now you can get notification of WhatsApp and send messages directly from the PC. You can even send files and pictures as well.


We hope this article would help you find all the application which can help with windows program for android. If you have any more question, do let us know.