Ways to Delete Gmail Account on Android

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Google is the biggest company in internet hemisphere and there is no denying. We have to login in with their account and their Google ID is like the universal key to every lock. Now we don’t need to sign up for every single website and remember them all. That is why our phone have Gmail ID, but what about deleting Gmail account on android? We are going to share how to delete Gmail account on Android solution.

But before we went on to explain about deleting your Gmail ID from your android phone, you need to understand that what would be the consequence of that action.

What would happen if you delete Gmail account on Android?

It won’t affect your phone, or you will experience a glitch, but there are few things that will happen when you delete Gmail account on Android.

  • You will lose Gmail, you won’t be able to access your email as you have to remove your Gmail ID from Phone.
  • You won’t be able to use any of the google apps, like map and drive. You couldn’t able to sync your data with google drive or your pictures with google pictures.
  • You cant able to access all the application, songs, games and books you have purchased from google play store.
  • You will lose all the bookmark and saved data in chrome, which mean, you need to login to every single account for once again.

Basically, you will lose all the privilege which comes with Gmail. So if you are ok with that, you can go ahead and delete your Gmail from your android phone. Here is how you can do it.

How to Remove Google Account from Android Phone?

The process is simple and doesn’t have much of steps to follow.

  • Open your phone apps and go to setting
  • Now go to the account
delete gmail account on android
delete gmail account on android
  • You will find all the account which is connected to your phone
  • Now click on the google icon
  • You will find the list of application which is sync with the phone, you need to go the left corner of the upper side
  • Click the three-dot button
  • You will find the option, remove the account
  • Click on the option and your Gmail account deleted from your Android
remove gmail from android
remove gmail from android

Its easy and you can remove all your Gmail data from the android phone.

We hope this article would help you delete Gmail account on Android. If you have any more question, then you can just ask us in the comment.

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