How-to-Schedule WhatsApp Messages on Android?

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Now it’s easy to schedule your message on WhatsApp with SQEdit App.

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps across the world. It has replaced conventional text messages for most of the smartphone users. WhatsApp is more secure, reliable, easy to use, rich feature, cost-effective service. It lets you send instant messages, photos, and videos. But at some time you want to send messages to someone at the specific time.

WhatsApp is a great application with tons of features, but one thing it lacks is the ability to schedule messages. Scheduling messages can prove to be very nifty, especially if you want to send someone a birthday wish, or you have to send your boss some important information at a particular time.

How-to-Schedule WhatsApp Messages on the Android phone?

1: Install SQEdit App from Google Play Store.


2: Accept the permission and Install it.

3: After installing open the App.

4: You can sign in with Facebook or you can create a new account, here I am creating a new account.

5: Enter your Name, Email, Password and create a new account.

SQ Edit

6: Now you can Add services like Call, SMS, Email, Facebook, and WhatsApp. Here we are scheduling a message for WhatsApp so I am selecting WhatsApp service. After selecting click on Done.

SQ Edit

7: After opening, you have to give permission for accessibility for SQEdit. So go to settings Click on SQEdit and Toggle the Button to Left side and give permission and click OK.

SQ Edit

8: Now you have to select the WhatsApp contact and type your message. Then you have to choose date and time at what time your message to be sent.

SQ Edit

9: You can select the repeat time also. Like Hourly, Daily, Weekly, and Monthly. I have selected Do Not Repeat.

SQ Edit

10: You can also set a reminder before your message is sent.

11: You can also attach the media file with your message by clicking on “Green Clip”.

SQ Edit

Finally, tap on SCHEDULE button on the top right corner of your phone, and your WhatsApp message is scheduled successfully.

SQ Edit

You can even check whether your message is being sent, Pending, or Failed. By clicking Right Side menu bar.

There is one drawback of the app; users cannot send messages to multiple contacts by selecting them separately. However, you can always create a group and select the group name to schedule WhatsApp messages.

Moreover, you can repeat your scheduled WhatsApp messages by tapping on ‘Does Not Repeat’ option under Repeat. You can schedule messages every hour, every day, every week, or every month.

Wrapping Up:

SQEdit is an excellent app to schedule WhatsApp messages on the Android phone. There many third-party apps available on Google Play Store to schedule messages on WhatsApp. Besides scheduling WhatsApp messages, you can also schedule emails, SMS, Facebook posts, and calls.