Samsung’s upcoming Gear VR headsets and Galaxy S9 will rock the year

Samsung’s upcoming Gear VR headsets and Galaxy S9 will rock the year

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Samsung is a well-famed company and is raising its devices progressively with new technologies. Samsung is making plan to launch the new Gear VR Headsets in next year with Samsung galaxy S9. The pixel density of Samsung’s new Super Gear VR headset is going amazing. Samsung is working to make such industry having OLED display and comfortable pixel density. Not only Gear VR headsets but also smartphone Galaxy S9.

Samsung Gear VR

As per the workers of Samsung claimed that the pixel density of gear VR headset could be 2000 PPI. This is very much far from comparing with a headset of Oculus VR and HTC Vive which provides the pixel density of something around 460pixels per inch.

Galaxy S9 will have a wonderful camera with the 16MP+16MP Dual primary camera with the 8MP front camera giving the user an Ultra High Definition pictures with brilliant color, shine, smoothness, and sharpness. Both the equipment of Samsung is likely to achieve a higher level in near future.

Presently there are no official words. Just stories are circulating around the world about Samsung’s new Gear VR headsets. People made an idea without having a certain proof about the release of new headset next year with the release of Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+. Samsung has also kept an eye on its upcoming flagship smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy s9

Samsung Galaxy S9 is expected to come up next year with powerful processor Snapdragon 845SoC and Exynos 9810 giving the device a rapid speed without consuming too much energy plus wouldn’t get heated up too early if used for long hours. Both the Samsung’s new flagships- Galaxy S9 and Gear VR headsets will rock in the upcoming time.

Samsung Gear VR Headset will be completely ready to hit the market to give exciting experience by August.