The New Samsung Galaxy s9 will have slow-motion featured camera

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One of the most anticipated phone is undoubtedly Samsung galaxy s9 and there are news and update spreading around the internet which is not a rumored or speculation but might just be the true specification of the phone. Samsung really went beyond with their effort to make a flagship phone which could outsmart every single phone in market.

Samsung has promised that their new smart phone Samsung galaxy s9 and s9+ will come with reimagined camera. What it suggests that it has more features and perks that no other phone have. One of the rumors which might be true suggest that finally Samsung will add feature of super slow motion in their camera.

How will super slow motion work in galaxy s9?

Super slow motion or people call it super slow- Mo is an amazing feature which let you capture amazing videos. When you watch some funny videos on the internet or some incredibly amazing stunts, there are a pause and slow motion in between the video. It gave the video much more depth and viewer can now actually see what is happing. No doubt that everyone wants to take video like that but its really hard to take. So, when Samsung will launch its new phone with this killer slow- Mo capture, it will take up all the other phones by the storm.

No one knows that its true or not but after the leak of galaxy s9 phone box and other news, its evident that this feature will also be in that phone. Samsung galaxy s9 and galaxy s9+ will have this slow-Mo feature.

Detailed specification of Samsung s9 slow Mo

Now the news is, the super slow Mo video will have advance upgrade which let the user take the slow-motion video. It will be divide in two part, first feature will let them take high-resolution HD video of 1080p with 480fps (frame per second) and another one will be 720p but more super slow motion rate of 960fps. Now what is the difference between 480fps and 960fps, frame per second suggest that in video, every second it will scan 480 time and 960 times. Now 480 is also slow motion but when you take slow motion video, more the frame rate is better because it will become slow motion without compromising the quality of the video.

One more quality feature might be introduced in the Samsung galaxy s9 and s9+ model, which let the user take pictures and video with different aperture. It will be range between f/1.5 which will help you take pictures in low light to f/2.4 which is wide angel. Aperture is a high-end feature which used in professional photography. The ratio suggest that how much light will be enter in the camera.

Because Samsung wants it flagship to be one of its best, they won’t let any stone unturned and put together with the best technology at hand. That is why they will be featuring in the new chip for the phone. The rumors have it that it will be Exynos chip for Samsung galaxy s9 and Snapdragon chips for the galaxy s9+. This high-speed chip is the reason behind the slow Mo capture and more.

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How to use the slow- Mo capture in galaxy s9?

There are two ways you can use this feature, one is you can change between the slow motion and regular individually. The slow Mo feature will detect the movement and start capturing the video so during any static image it won’t turn on. It will help you take best moving videos.

Another way is to use slow Mo feature during the regular video. When you think that its an appropriate moment to take a slow-motion video, you can just start the slow-motion capture and it will take it. You can take 20 slow-motion moments during a video.

The new Samsung galaxy s9 and galaxy s9+ is rumors to be launch in February just after the Mobile World Congress this month. If the rumors are true then this phone will surely turn the heads and disrupt the smartphone market all around the globe.

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