Samsung Galaxy S9 & 9+ can be launched in CES 2018 , Features of Samsung Galaxy S9 here

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According to Report, Samsung Galaxy S9 is coming in early January. Samsung has considered introducing a new smartphone in CES 2018, more than a month earlier than the expected MWC launch. The popularity of the iPhone X is apparently being attributed because Samsung is trying to abandon a competitor as soon as possible. Here Bad news for Samsung Galax7 S9 fans because Samsung will not be a fingerprint reader integrated into the display of Galaxy S9 after Samsung has failed to get mass-produced technology in time for the release of the smartphone again in time. Instead, the fingerprint reader will move on the back of the phone, hopefully in a more sensible central position.

galaxy s9 CES 2018

In the same reports, a lot of details have already appeared about the phone’s hardware, which suggests that the Galaxy S9 + will be the only device that will have to play a dual camera on the back. According to the source, Samsung will have no rival to the iPhone X’s Face ID 3D facial recognition system in the Galaxy S9. Instead, the report claims that Samsung will continue with the identification of an iris sensor and use the front camera (less accurate and secure) face recognition. The Galaxy S9 will have a traditional fingerprint sensor, and it will be placed behind the handset, just like the Galaxy S8. However, the sensor will have a central location that should make it much more accessible.

Forbes also noted that the phone will come with Iris scanning technology but there will be no mention of the recognition system of the 3D face that rivals the iPhone X’s Face ID camera. Instead, the report says that the phone will have a regular camera and an iris detection camera on the front. Also, talk about Samsung’s standard Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy S 9 plus models as well as all the new Galaxy S9 mini has been produced, above the Galaxy X. It has been said in the report that the final contract was not signed, but it should be done soon. The report also states that the sensor will be placed in the rear case. Finally, ETNews says that mass production of the Galaxy S9 will start in January.