Samsung Galaxy S9 Release Date

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Samsung Galaxy S9 Release Date


After the release of Samsung Galaxy S8 recently, the rumors have started coming in for Samsung Galaxy S9. It is speculated that the phone is in production stage and can be launched in 2018. Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ were launched with much fan fare and people loved it for the features it provided. With AMOLED display, the color reproduction was at maximum and it would give sharper and clearer picture quality. The Galaxy S8 smartphone from Samsung was launched in the premium segment and had been very strong in the market share.


There are various features in the Samsung Galaxy S8 that have attracted many people to buy the phone. It has a fast wireless charging that can charge the phone without the phone being connected to the wires. The company is popular for bringing the latest technology to their premium segment smartphones. It had also launched S8 Edge smartphones that give the premium feel to the customers. It has edged display with no bezels at the sides. There is a Samsung logo at the top that looks beautiful and give premium look. You can also expect the company to release Samsung Galaxy S9 Edge along with the Galaxy S9 in 2018.

Galaxy S9 Edge will also be similar to the Galaxy S8 Edge with little more features as the technology advances in this sector. The Galaxy S9 will have various features that are being speculated from time to time. The Galaxy S9 range will be getting a projector for projecting the contents of the screen and give the users a perfect phone for entertainment purpose. The features will definitely attract many smartphone buyers, who are looking for a phone in the premium segment. Like Galaxy S8, the new smartphone Galaxy S9 will be made of high- grade aluminum, which will look beautiful along with being beautiful.

As the Samsung Galaxy S9 release date nears, we can expect more speculations and rumors regarding the smartphone. It is very tough to predict price and all the features until the phone is announced in the market. It is expected that the company will announce the Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone at MWC 2018 that is conducted every year in the month of March. You can get all the details once the smartphone is announced and plan to get the Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone when it is launched.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Release Date by Country 

Australia 3rd Week March 2018

Austria 3rd Week March 2018

Brazil 3rd Week March 2018

Canada 2nd Week March 2018

China 1st Week March 2018

Denmark 3rd Week March 2018

England 2nd Week March 2018

Finland 4th Week March 2018

France 3rd Week March 2018

Germany 3rd Week March 2018

Greece 3rd Week March 2018

Hong Kong 1st Week March 2018

Hungary 4th Week March 2018

India 2nd Week March 2018

Indonesia 3rd Week March 2018

Italy 3rd Week March 2018

Japan 1st Week March 2018

Nigeria 4th Week March 2018

Philippines 2nd Week March 2018

Poland 3rd Week March 2018

Russia 3rd Week March 2018

Singapore 3rd Week March 2018

South Africa 3rd Week March 2018

South Korea 1st Week March 2018

Spain 3rd Week March 2018

Sweden 3rd Week March 2018

Switzerland 3rd Week March 2018

Taiwan 1st Week March 2018

The Netherlands 4th Week March 2018

United states. 2nd Week March 2018


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