Samsung Galaxy S9 Concept- Has A Projector

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Samsung Galaxy S9 Concept- Has A Projector

Samsung Galaxy S9 Concept
Samsung Galaxy S9 Concept


Samsung is a company that is popular for introducing new technologies in its smartphones. The technology in smartphones keeps advancing with every new product in the market. The smartphones from the company have the tendency to be well- built, innovative with lots of features. The Galaxy S8 from Samsung received a good response in the market due to the features it provided. The users were over- whelmed with the type of innovation in the smartphone and the consistency it provided while using the smartphone.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 has numerous features like wireless charging technology, which helps the user to charge the smartphone without connecting any wires to it. The smartphone has a wireless pad that helps it to get charged by keeping it on a wireless charger. It also has a projector that can be seen on the top right next to the camera flash. The projector helps the users to project the contents of the screen, which gives total entertaining experience. The camera on the smartphone is of superior quality and gives clear pictures even in the dark. The flash at the back of the phone helps it to give every detail of the object.

Samsung also has Edge smartphones in its line- up that feature display with an edge on both sides. It was an evolution in itself and Samsung was the first company to bring this technology to its smartphones. The smartphone with the round edges gives a premium feel to its users and it is very comfortable to use with one hand. The top and bottom have metal bands that work as an antenna and features a speaker at the bottom. It also has SIM slot at the sides and headphone jack and Mic at the bottom. With the edge screen, the smartphone has minimal bezels with the Samsung logo at the top. This smartphone is in the premium segment and at the price, it is offering, it is safe to buy this smartphone, because of the features it provides.

There are rumors that the company is going to bring a new smartphone in the premium segment. It will be a successor to the Galaxy S8 and will come with more advanced features in it. Samsung Galaxy S9 design will be very innovative to attract the buyers. Samsung Galaxy S9 concept has a projector that will project the contents on the wall for entertaining purposes. The smartphone will come with wireless charger and a great display. Samsung Galaxy S9 features will match the previous smartphones in this segment and additionally will get extra features according to the advancement in technology.

The design concept will be fairly new and the company will approach according to the market trends. This smartphone will be a successor to the Galaxy S8 and will keep the Samsung design concept. If Samsung keeps offering what it offers to its users, then it will be ahead of the competition and share a considerable market share in the premium segment.

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