How to get Zbigz Premium Account 2018 without Survey

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Who doesn’t like watching a movie? Everyone does, we download it from the torrent site all the time. But we have often faced a problem, despite having a good speed, we still get low download speed from a torrent client like bit torrent. What if we tell you that you can download a torrent via internet download manager from Zbigz and for free. We will explain what is Zbigz and how you can get Zbigz premium account for 2018 without survey.

What is Zbigz?

Zbigz is torrent download services but not the same as others. One of the best things about it is, they let you download torrent with tools like internet download manager. We know that torrent download clients take ages to download and on the other side, IDM and tools like that are faster. So why not use them instead?

But to use this service is Zbigz, you need to have a premium account and for that, you need to pay. Now we all know how we feel about paying for any services on the internet. Once we came across any service that asks us to pay, we just simply go and search on the internet, in this case, “how to use Zbigz Premium Account Free No Survey?”, yes, we all been there and that is how you reached this page.

One of the best things about it would be fast download, the reason behind it is, once you select the torrent through Zbigz, they will download the file first into their server and then give you a special link, from where you can download the torrent easily and much faster.

So, we are going to share with you how you can also use it Zbigz premium account for free in this post. But before we dig deep into learning it, we have to know what they offer.

Benefit of Zbigz premium account

  • It let you download directly from the IDM and another similar service.
  • There will be no ad and pop up to use the premium services, as you have to use the torrent client, you know how many pop up and ad they get.
  • There is no limit on downloading in premium Zbigz, you can download as many as big as they are, you can download it without any limit.
  • One of the best things would be a stream If you don’t want to download the file and watch it online, you can download it on Zbigz and from there you can watch it online. That way you can also save space in your system.
  • You can pause and resume download on Zbigz.
  • Basically, Zbigz is a cloud storage which let you download the file and save it there. In the premium account, you can save an unlimited amount of file on their server and download it for a lifetime. There is no limit on it and you can access from any device.
  • If you register with Zbigz, with a free account, your download speed will be limited between 50Kbps to 135 Kbps, but with a premium account, the speed is as fast as your service provider.
Zbigz premium account
Zbigz premium account

So many benefits and we have to pay to them to use it, not with us, we are going to share with you how you can use Zbigz premium service for free and yes no survey or any terms and conditions. It’s free.

How to get Zbigz Premium Account Free?

To use the Zbigz, you need to have a premium account, for our reader, we already purchased it. this is how you can use it too.

  1. Go to the Zbigz and sign up
  2. You are now a free member.
  3. Now go to the link and register with us, so we can provide you with the premium account detail.
  4. Now go back to the sign in page and enter our ID and Password
  5. Voila, now you have a free Zbigz premium account.

How to use Zbigz premium account?

You can log in with our ID and password then you can search for any torrent you want to download, if you find it, copy their link and past it in your premium account, space where it was written “ place your torrent or magnet link here and then press go”


For first few seconds, Zbigz will download the whole torrent into their server and generate a link for you. Then you can open your Internet download manager and paste the link which is provided by Zbigz. You will see the downloading, in speed like you have never experienced before while downloading a torrent.

Now you can see the file is downloaded, open and play it and enjoy. You can watch it online too on Zbigz, you just need to play in it once you download the torrent into the server.


Please don’t change ID and Password, if we find out that someone has changed the ID and password, we will ban them. Do not delete any other file on the server. Do not upload any kind of illegal torrent or porn. Remember, it’s just for you, so never share this login detail with anyone else.

We hope you like this post and the Zbigz account will be useful to you. Please subscribe and follow us on all social networks for more update.