How to find your lost Android phone Through Android Device Manager

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Did you just lose your phone? Are you searching for how to track a lost android phone? Then you have come to the right place. We know that how much helpless you feel right now without your phone and you are determined to find it. That is why we will share how can you track your android phone.

Losing or misplacing a phone is not a new thing. Everyone has experienced it once in a while and they have gone through the same frustration you are feeling. So, this article will not only let you find your phone but It will help you keep it secure for the next time.

Basically, you need few things first. Your phone need to have internet or Wi-Fi connection which is on. Your GPS must be enabled in your phone and at least your phone need to have network connection. Also, you need to have a google ID, as we know that without google ID, you cannot operate an android phone. So here is how you can track your android phone.

How to track your Phone using Google

There are many ways you can find your phone with google, we will mention them below

  • Find My Device

To use this service, there few things which need to be enable in your phone like

  • Your phone need to be connected with your google account
  • Your phone has internet access
  • In your phone, it should be allowed to find your device to find your phone, don’t worry it would be enabled by default
  • You need to allow your device to connect with find my device and lock your phone and erase all the data. It would be disabled by default and you need to change it from the setting.

Find my device is official google tool to help you find your phone. You don’t need to install or download any software. Only requirement is the above four, as it need to be connected with your google account and internet and all those two settings are need to be enabled. With this tool, you can make your phone ring, you can make it lock or when you know that you will never going to get your phone, then you can erase all your data from it too. You can use it here.

Google has made it so simple that now you can find your device right from the search box. You just need to write “find my phone” and it will automatically connect to your phone if you are already login form your google account or it will ask you to log in. but it doesn’t have much of feature like block or erase. It would just ring your phone.

You can do all that, but the settings which allow you to easers and block your phone is must be enabled first in your setting. If you don’t have a laptop than you can find your phone from another phone. You can download find my phone from the app store and login with your google ID and password. From that app you can track your phone, make it ring or wipe it clean. If you are unsuccessful with all of these above, it means that there is more than one reason which is why its not working like no internet or no network.

  • Find your phone using google timeline

To use this service, you need to have google account connected to the device. Before the device turned off, it must have internet connection and you must have given permission to track your moment through google timeline.

Now if everything in the order, you can just login to any your google account from any laptop of device and go to the map and find my timeline in it. So basically, it doesn’t help you track but it will let you know where your device was, you can also use it to check where have you been in the past and it would tack your movement every single day. So, when look at the movement of your time line, you could know where your phone was exactly at what time. It would be very useful in some of the cases.

As google timeline use Wi-Fi data and your network provider data as in mean location from the cell tower to find out the right location, so it could be different at the time if network is not available sometime and phone is off. But you can still be able to finds your phone from most visited place as it would be their home.

  • Find your phone using google photo

To find your phone using google photo, there are certain requirements which needs to be met

  • Internet connection
  • In your google photo, you must have enable to back up and sync
  • The person who stole your phone, need to take picture

As we know, google photo automatically back up and sync all the photo when they are taken. So, if you lost your phone and you didn’t find it by all those method we mentioned above you can try this as its depend on a human error.

The person who steal your phone, need to take a picture from your phone first. Now you need to log in to your google account and go to my photo and look at the last picture which was uploaded. If you can find anything similar like building or a person, you can get your phone from that place if that person often visits there or you can identify the person.

How to track your phone using third party app

If the official google app won’t find it than how can any other? Well they all have their own way to find your lost phone. So here is the list of third party app from which you can track a lost android.

  • Cerberus anti-theft

This app will let you track your phone without even getting visible to the person who stole it. It secretly hides in the app drawer and send you the data vie SMS or from the website. It can remotely access your camera or even make your phone ring at louder tone, even if its on silent mode. It can also, erase data, lock phone. Here is link to the app.

  • Prey Anti-Theft

It may have pry in the title, but it won’t let you pry and do all the hard work. It can track your phone, make it ring and one of the best feature would be taking screen shot of your phone. That way you would know what the person is doing in your phone and if you are lucky, you would find a number they are calling. From one download, you can protect three devices and its totally free. Here is the link to prey anti-theft app.

  • Lost Android

This app will let you remotely handle your lost phone from their website. You can select and delete data from your phone and you can send SMS to your phone, so if someone reads it, they might return your phone. You can forward your calls to another number or check who they have call or even takes picture of the person. Here is the link to lost android.

So here is how you can track and find your lost phone. You can track it with google or the third-party app. However, if they have done factory reset, then nothing can help you. So, make sure once you find out that your phone is lost, do everything we have mentioned above and download or install app which can let you find your phone. Most of android can be recover by the google tools, so check your setting right now and change it accordingly.

We hope this article have help you about tracking a lost phone. If you have any question, do let us know in the comment.