What Features Should You expect from Galaxy S8 ?

Samsung Galaxy S8 release date is coming closer now, and the tech experts have started speculating the features which this new smartphone will have.

So, before you go rushing to the shops with cash in hand, after the phone is formally unveiled around the end of this month, it’s important to know what features you should expect fromSamsung Galaxy S8.

Here are the top new features  of the Samsung Galaxy S8.

The Look

While the glass rear and the curved sides are rumoured to remain the same, but Samsung Galaxy S8 is expected to ditch the typical physical home button which is there in all the Samsung phones. The home button has been eliminated from the design to reduce the unnecessary framing in order to make the space for the larger screen.

The Screen

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge stunned everyone with its visually impressive designs and display, but, Samsung Galaxy S8 has the potential to beat it.

The improvements in the Samsung Galaxy S8 are not just about the pixel count and image quality, but the size of the screen is also going to be incredibly large.

The Sensors

Since the physical home button is missing in the phone, its fingerprint scanner has been moved from front to back. Samsung Galaxy S8 is going to feature an integrated iris scanner.

Instead of the front mounted fingerprint scanner, there’s an eye tracking monitor sitting alongside the front facing camera of the phone, which will let the users unlock the phone simply by looking at it.

The Processor

Although, it has not been confirmed yet, but, Samsung Galaxy S8 is going to be the first consumer available smartphone to feature the super high-end Snapdragon 835 processors by Qualcomm.

The Battery

Being powered with a battery boosting tech and processor, the phone’s battery will charge 20% faster than its counterparts.

The Camera

Although, there would be no change in the 12 megapixel camera, and will have the same camera as its predecessor had, but Samsung Galaxy S8 is expected to add some outstanding new video capturing capabilities.

These new features will enable the ability to capture the stunning footages in slow motion with 1000 frames per second.

With these and many new features, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is going to be one of the best smartphones in the market. If money is not a concern, then this is the deal smartphone, you should have for yourself.