Download Latest ADB and Fastboot SDK Platform-Tools (WinMacLinux)

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Android is now one of the largest and popular devices in the world. They have millions of app in the play store and developer who created it use many different tools. Google always update their tool in order to make the work function flawlessly. One of them is ADB(Android Debug Bridge) and fastboot.

What is Android Debug Bridge or ADB?

When an Android developer needs to use their Android device to transfer a file or install the application, they use ADB with the command line to operate. Mostly it used when a developer wants to check their application to run on the actual device and they use Android Debug Bridge in order to accomplish that.

What is Fastboot?

To write data directly to your phone flash memories, this tool is used to do that function. It’s a protocol which can be used for recoveries, kernels, and bootloaders. Most device support it but first you need to check your device compatibility with fastboot.

The only problem is, both tools came with Android SDK or android studio and to use such feature, you need to download the whole package, which is more than 1 GB. When you try to download them separately from an unknown source, you might get bugs and trojans embedded into it which can make your system unstable. That is why today we will help you download both ADB and fastboot on mac, windows and Linux platform with help of google, so you can download it directly from the safe source of google.

Download and install ADB and Fastboot on windows

  1. Download the ADB for windows
  2. Unzip the file in folder where you can access it easily
  3. Now open command prompt directly from the same folder you have saved the files, to open a command prompt, you just need to SHIFT+right click anywhere in the folder and it will be open.
  4. Now connect your android debugging device with USB to the system. If you don’t know how to use debugging mode on your phone, then here is the guide.
    • Open setting on your phone.
    • Go to about phone
    • Now go to build number or in latest android version, it’s in the system.
    • Tap 7 times on it activate developer options
    • Now go back the setting menu, you can find it nearby about phones.
    • Open developer option and enable USB debugging, now your phone is ready to use as dubbing device.
  5. In the command prompt window, you need to enter a command adb devices
  6. You will see a message on your android device, asking permission to allow USB debugging, you need to allow it.
  7. Once that completed, you will see the serial number in your command prompt, that means you have successfully installed it on windows.

Download and install ADB and Fastboot on Linux system

  1. You need to download the ADB for Linux
  2. Extract the zip file and save it a directory
  3. Open the terminal window
  4. Enter the command cd /path/to/extracted/folder/
  5. Now it will change the directory to the one where you saved the file, means the it could be look like cd /user/abc/desktop/ADB files
  6. Connect your android device to the Linux and change the connection mode to MTP file transfer mode. This step is not necessary as all the device run automatically this way, but in this order, you can rest assured that its done properly.
  7. When the terminal is open in the same directory, run adb devices and approve the debugging mode on your Android
  8. Again enter the command adb devices and you will see the serial number of your device, you have successfully installed ADB and fastboot in your Linux.

For some Linux user, if it won’t work, then you have to do it differently. Its because some of you have Debian and Fedora/SUSE based Linux commands. Then you just have to enter the below command one you install the ADB for Linux and run this command for both.

For Debian-based users: sudo apt-get install adb

For Fedora/SUSE-based users can type the following command to install ADB: sudo yum install android-tools

Download and install ADB and fastboot on MAC device

  1. You need to download ADB for MAC
  2. Then extract the zip file in to a folder
  3. Open terminal window
  4. To brows the folder, where you have saved the files, just enter the command just like we mention in Linux, cd /user/abc/desktop/ADB files
  5. You need to run adb devices
  6. You need to connect your android device with the mac, we have already mention how to turn your device into android debugging device in above. Now allow the system to use it as debugging device in your phone. Tick mark the always allow from this computer to save time.
  7. Now again run the same command and you will find that your device is listed.

You can also check the google official android studio release page where they have also put the link for Windows, Mac, and Linux so that if any of the above links don’t work, you can download it from there too. Google always try to fix bugs and make it more efficient, you can find the latest release there and what improvement they have done to it too.

There are many other methods to install it on your window and Linux system, but they are sometimes doesn’t work. This method will definitely install ADB and fastboot into your system.