CM12/12.1 Themes: Download All Themes for CyanogenMOD 12

CyanogenMod is a discontinued open-source operating system for mobile devices, based on the Android mobile platform. It was developed as free and open-source software based on the official releases of Android by Google, with added original and third-party code and based on a rolling release development model. Although only a subset of total CyanogenMod users elected to report their use of the firmware, on March 23, 2015, some reports indicated that over 50 million people ran CyanogenMod on their phones.It was also frequently used as a starting point by developers of other ROMs.

But it’s still in use and many people use this till now and with lots of option to edit and get a root access, they need a theme which they can use and edit their whole phone. Here is the list of CM12/12.1 Themes or CyanogenMod themes.

  • Elixium UI – CM12 Theme

Elixium UI
Elixium UI

Elixium UI was originally presented in my Elix-R ROM for the Nexus 5 but after that, it gains popularity among all CyanogenMod user and it supports CM12. It has an elegant design and minimalistic look. With a color that creates a wonderful experience and doesn’t let you download any other theme. Download the Elixium UI from google play store.

  • Tigers Eye (CM12/13 Theme)

tiger eye
tiger eye

If you love some spontaneous colors to light up your phone and make it look distinct then this theme is for you. tiger eye can support CM 12 and 13 version of CyanogenMod. the colors of the theme can cover following Calculator, Settings, SystemUI, Wallpapers, Analog Clock and many more. Download the tiger eye from the google play store.

  • Zenith CM12 Theme

Zenith CM12 Theme
Zenith CM12 Theme

This theme support CM 12 and its one of the theme which has great design and color combination as well. It can cover Sounds, Bootanimation, Icons, Wallpapers, Elegant font, SystemUI, Theme chooser Framework, Sound recorder Calculator, Animated screenshot icon, themed analog clock widget and many more options. Download  Zenith CM12 Theme from google play store.

  • Different CM12.1 theme

Different CM12.1 theme
Different CM12.1 theme

This is another theme which comes with classic brown and silver color. It has all types of feature and customization options. All of the themes has a little bit of bug as CyanogenMod is actually not supported by any giant company so developer had to work hard to make it perfect. Download the Different CM12.1 theme on google play store.

  • TouchWiz Style CM12 Theme

TouchWiz Style CM12 Theme
TouchWiz Style CM12 Theme

One of the most sophisticated and positive reviewed theme for CM12. You will have tons of option and its support to edit,

  • Browser
  • Calculator
  • Camera
  • Contacts
  • Dialer
  • Gallery
  • Settings
  • Sound recorder
  • System UI
  • Cyanogen Music
  • Cyanogen cLock
  • Cyanogen Updater
  • Cyanogen AudioFX
  • Cyanogen Theme Chooser
  • Opendelta

Download the TouchWiz Style CM12 Theme from google play store today.

  • PopUI CM12 / CM13 Theme

PopUI CM12
PopUI CM12

This is one colorful and also have lots of features. The theme is multicolor and creates an amazing effect on your phone which looks good. It has Beautiful icons and concept of theme and Well themed apps with suitable colors. Download the PopUI CM12 / CM13 today from google play store.

  • LineUI – CM13

line UI
line UI

This theme is optimized for XXXHDPI devices, with icons, +30 themed apps. It has many features like Icon Pack XXXHDPI, Android N Style (notification, quick settings, sound panel), Android N Navbar, Wallpaper, Lockscreen, Fonts, Lineage OS Bootanimation, Sounds (ringtone, notification, alarm) and many more. Download the LineUI from google play store.

  • CM13 OnePlus One Theme

CM13 OnePlus One Theme
CM13 OnePlus One Theme

If you love One plus one phone and its UI, then you will love this one too. Its have the same One plus one red theme and you will feel as you are using their phone. They have covered Alarms, Boot Animation, Fonts, Icons (+133), Lock Wallpapers, Navigation Bar, Notifications, Ringtones, Status Bar, Style, Wallpapers and many more. Download the CM13 OnePlus One Theme from google play store.

We hope this article would help you find all the available and downloadable CyanogenMod theme. We cover only those theme which is available on google play store. One thing you need to know that if you have the previous version then CM12 then this theme won’t work on your phone. If you don’t know what is CyanogenMod, then do not try this theme and that theme won’t appear as an app icon on your phone, it will be installed once you download the theme. If you have any more questions, do let us know in the comments.

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