How to Claim Android Mobile Insurance For T-mobile

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Here I would like to share my personal experience you can also call as a tragedy. On My 22nd Birthday, Dad gifts me Sony Xperia M4 Aqua smartphone worth $400. I love the gift because the phone is so beautiful and latest technology updated in the market. After the six months, the phone was stolen while passing through the road. I rather do a Police complain but the phone was never recovered. During this accident, my friend told me if you have got the insurance on your phone you will able to recover a new smartphone by just doing some paper works into the insurance company. I feel so sad and also imagine that if I have insurance then I am able to get the new phone.

Therefore, here I am going to tell about mobile T-Mobile insurance claim and the best way to claim insurance and also about some of the insurance companies. As mobile insurance means if your phone is stolen accidentally damaged then you are able to get a new phone. But to avail insurance claims firstly you have to take insurance policies from the company. Some of the best insurance companies are MobileAssist, Syska, AppsDaily. But here I am going to tell about the famous mobile insurance company that is T-Mobile Insurance.

T-Mobile Insurance Policy

T-Mobile is known as the third largest wireless carrier service provider in the United States. It is also mobile manufacturing company and sells many smartphones with some insurance policy in the market. It provides a lot of insurance policies to the customers. The incident claim includes accidental damage, loss, theft, or any other misfortune of the phones. The best ways to claim mobile insurance is that you will show your phone as stolen. For this process, you have to file a missing report with the police and have also to do an affidavit for confirmation. Then you will able to register your file claim through the online website by giving the device details. And you can also check your file status. The insurance policy says that you are able to get a new phone within 90 days after the registration of file claim.

What’s new in the insurance policy.

Earlier you have to pay some few bucks for the policy but nowadays the cost is increasing and adding to this trend T-Mobile also launches a new device policy that is called as premium device protection. To get this policy you have to pay around $15 per month for all the type of devices including apple device also. This policy covers some additional features like McAfee content protection it is an anti-malware tool for the device. It also covers apple care for apple device obviously and personal help desk for android technical assistance. Jump facility is also available in premium device protection this means users can upgrade their phone when they want, it also includes content back-up and ID protection. This is all about insurance policies I will always suggest if you are going to buy a new smartphone also add some insurance policy with it.

How does the claim process work?

Document a claim online 24 x 7 by signing into your record or reaching us by telephone. When you document a claim, we keep you educated consistently notices or you can essentially sign in to your record and track your claim continuously incorporating when in travel with a delivery bearer. If it’s not too much trouble tap on “Enlistment and Claims” for details.

What coverage and billing options does Securranty offer to T-Mobile business customers?

Securranty offers coverage options for mechanical failure, accidental damage, lost & theft. You can purchase comprehensive coverage or simply purchase the coverage necessary to meet your business budget and needs. You can also choose from Monthly, 1-year, 2-year or 3-year billing & coverage options.

Asurion changes their protection approaches for T-Mobile: What you need to know?

The $4.79/month design enables you to make asserts that go well beyond what your guarantee augmentation would permit. In the event that the telephone is stolen, for instance, that is secured here. When I say secure, I don’t mean they’re simply going to send you a telephone when you say it’s stolen. Contingent upon which sort of telephone you have with T-Mobile, a Deductible applies. The most costly deductible, for cell phones, is $130 and has a $1000 assert constrain. Presently, more than 2 years, you’re still just burning through $112/year + $130 for the deductible in the event that, you have to supplant that $600 cell phone, just to keep that into the point of view.

Cell phone protection, in the same way as other different types of protection, is a total misuse of cash ideal until the point that the second you really require it. Asurion’s choice to offer these levels of administration to customers, even at the expansion in cost, will unquestionably offer significant serenity to any individual who is searching for it.

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