Top 20 Best Xposed Modules For Android You Must Have

Remember those days when we do tricks on our old phones and computer, tricks like tuning your screen upside down. With new and smartphones, we don’t do that much often. It doesn’t mean that it’s not possible. You can still do tricks and twerks with your android phone, but this time to enhance its performance. Here we are sharing Best Xposed Modules for Android.

Now the first thing we need to understand that changing any setting which you are not even allowed to see may bring major error in your phone. Your phone could crash and never get the start again until you do the factory reset. So it’s better to be careful and then get surprised.

What is xposed module?

It’s just a small app which let you do more twerks with your Android device. You can go deep into the Android function and change the way it looks or changes the way it behaves. Most people are using it to increase their battery life and performance of the phone, but of course, some are doing this to show off and get attention. Because who doesn’t like something new with their old phone.

To use all the tricks and module, you need to install the xposed framework module first.

How to install xposed framework module?

  • First, you need to download the Xposed module form their official page.
  • Check out the supported OS first: SDK21 is Android 5.0 (Lollipop), SDK22 is Android 5.1 (also Lollipop) and SDK23 is Android 6.0 (Marshmallow).For Nougat, SDK24 is Android 7.0 and SDK25 is Android 7.1.For Oreo, SDK26 is Android 8.0 and SDK27 is Android 8.1.
  • Once you install it, you need to reboot the device
  • When you get back to the app, you need to select the module which you want to run and then reboot again
  • Now you can check all the feature they have and you can try it one by one.
  • They will show the warning that any changes you do might affect your phone and can damage it.
  • You can download any of the modules we are sharing below, directly from the Xposed framework, you just need to type in the name.

Top best Xposed Module for android

Gravity Box

Gravity box is one of the most popular modules in the Android arena. Once you install it, you can do tons of editing and twerk with it. you can do stuff with your phone display, battery, screen, and apps. Because of its wild popularity, it comes in every single Android update, so you just need to search its name in xposed and you will find the version of gravity box which best suits your phone. Here is a total feature of gravity box.

  • Lock screen tweaks
  • Display tweaks
  • QuickSettings tile management
  • Launcher tweaks
  • Notification control
  • Smart radio
  • Navigation bar tweaks
  • Expanded desktop with semi-immersive and immersive modes
  • Dialer tweaks
  • Screen recording
  • CyanogenMod Pie Controls
  • Media tweaks
  • Power tweaks
  • Hardware key actions
  • Status bar tweaks

Bright Lockscreen

This module will let you change the appearance of your lock screen. We cannot change the android default lock screen and it’s not as good as we wanted, so why not change it? with this module, you can change all the settings on your lock screen. It will make it more sharp looking and clean lock screen. You can download it directly from xposed module.


It’s another popular Xposed module which originally designs to serve custom ROM user. This will help you change the mode and feature of androids default app which need custom ROM access. It will help you change the animation or the moment on the screen which is default like list view, battery mode, navigation mode and etc. it has so many options that you won’t get tired of using them all. You can download it directly from the Xposed module.

Flat Style Colored Bars

We all get bored of the same color bars of navigation and status. There is no way we can change it or change color, which is why this module can help you. now you can change the color of your navigation bars and everything. You can download it directly from Xposed module.


There are so many apps on our android phone which let our private data leak. They even ask us to help them get more information so they can access everything on our phone. This app sops everything which gets leaked outside. It’s actually a helpful module which doesn’t let your data go out of your phone. You can select the app and stop the permission which is unnecessary. You can download this module directly from Xposed module.


This one I actually use without the xposed module as its an app which let you optimize your phone and save your battery. With its module mode, you can actually hibernate your phone like your PC. It can stop the app to use your battery and internet. You need to download this app from play store and then just select it in xposed module to use it.

Amplify Battery Extender

As the name suggests, it helps you extend your battery life by using the xposed framework module to use this one. This module best work with greenify. The most phone doesn’t let your phone go into the deep sleep mode and which mean your phone will eat up the battery. This module will help you save more battery and extend its life. You can download this directly from your Xposed module.

Xblast Tools

This will help you do ultimate customization on your android phone. Remember the same old android phone which has default color icon, you can forget it forever when you use this module. You can change the color of your clock, power bar, wifi and everything. You can do many customizations with it. you can download it directly from your Xposed module.

There is so many modules out there which you can try and play with your android phone.

Here is the list of the module you can use in Xposed framework module

  • SwipeBack
  • BootManager
  • Awesome Pop-Up Video
  • App Settings
  • YouTube AdAway- to block the YouTube’s annoying ad
  • Wi-Fi Pwd
  • Physical Button Music Control
  • NotifyClean
  • Xposed Torch: Physical Button
  • LiveIcons
  • FakeID vulnerability fixes 1.1
  • Force Fast Scroll
  • WhatsAppX

We hope this article will help you download and use the Xposed framework and all the modules. If you have any question, just let us know in the comment.