Android File Transfer Not Working – Easy Guide On How to Fix It

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We all have been there when we attach the USB cable to our phone and the PC, it just won’t work. Whenever we need to file transfer it won’t work, it keeps on charging but doesn’t pop up a window in pc so that we can move files from mobile to pc. Here is the solution for android file transfer not working.

This problem has been occurring on many phones and people keep looking for the answer to this. Android file transfer not working on many phones and there is not a single reason why this happens. But we have tried to find a solution and we are going to share how to fix android file transfer not working problem.

Why is your android file transfer not working?

There are many reasons, but we can focus on how to make android file transfer to work, but you can check the some of the reason below

  • USB cable doesn’t support file transfer
  • Device not set up to accept files via USB
  • You have Samsung’s Kies file transfer installed
  • Your micro USB port is broken

We are going to explore every option on android file transfer and try to fix it.

Easy guide to solving android file transfer not working issue

  1. Check the normal android file transfer setting

To get to the bottom of this problem, we first need to ensure that file transfer in android work traditionally or not. To do that you need to go to setting>storage and then click on the three vertical dot on the right upside corner and it will show you the setting of USB. You will find an option like, only charging, MTP file transfer, camera transfer picture. Use the MTP file transfer protocol and then try to connect your USB cable to the phone.

  1. Developer mode

Its ok if that won’t work on your phone. I am using Motorola and I didn’t even get the option in storge. So now you need to activate developer option and then you can find the option.

  • Open settings and go to about
  • Now go to build number and press 7 times
  • It will activate your developer mode
  • Now go to developer mode which is around the about
  • You will find the option like USB debugging, make it on
  • You can also find the option below in select USB configuration
  • In which you will find an option like, charging only, MTP( media transfer protocol), PTP (picture transfer protocol), RNDIS (USB ethernet), Audio source and MIDI
  • You need to tick the MTP
  • Now connect your phone to your USB cabal with PC and you need to drop down the screen and you can find the same option, chose MTP

This solution would work on almost every device. You can connect your phone and then lock your phone and open it and check it still working or not.

  1. Uninstall Samsung’s Kies file transfer software( if not a Samsung phone than skip)

You need to uninstall your Kies file transfer as this work as file transfer for all the Samsung phone. You need to download the software and with this software, you can file transfer. But that is not necessary as all android have the file transfer option.

All you need to do is download the key file transfer as there is no way you can find the app on your phone. When it would install, simply uninstall it from the setting. Once you uninstall it then you won’t face android file transfer not working issue.

  1. Check USB cable

You need to check your USB cabal as well as if it was just a faulty cabal then you just need to replace it. use it on your friends phone, use your friends cabal on your phone and check if its working or not.

  1. Check USB port

Sometimes the issue was not a software but the hardware. We have a habit of plugin our phone carelessly and that might damage the USB port on your mobile. It might charge but it won’t work to file transfer.

  1. Airdroid

It’s a software that will help you transfer your file and work with your mobile remotely. Download the Android and use it

  1. Use Android File Transfer

You can use official android file transfer software and move your file up to 4 GB. This android file transfer and use it without any worries as its official software from android.

  1. Check for virus

You need to check for the virus as some virus may stop you to transfer a file from android. Download antivirus and check your device. Take your SD card and check it on the PC. Make sure you don’t have any malware or trojan. If you don’t have much of data then formatting your phone would solve android file transfer not working issue.

I hope this article would help you and now you can easily file transfer in android. If you have any more issue, do let us know in the comments.

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